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New: Unique Emotional Marketing Tool (2019):


Use the TAUDIENCE MAP to categorize your target audience – based on the emotional systems in the brain (aka personalities) – without any research or surveys.

TAUDIENCE MAP (4 core emotional types)

TAUDIENCE MAP (7 core emotional types)




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For 5 years, I’ve been reading so many books and articles. I didn’t find a perfect tool to work with – either it was too broad or too specific.

That’s why I created the TAUDIENCE MAP. This is the most visualized tool to categorize your target audience by emotions.

Instead of building specific avatars – that marketers and advertisers usually did. But, nowadays you need to organize your target audience based on interests – instead of (for example) a specific age or gender.

On the next page you’ll have instant download – without any (email) registration.

The Electric Eel Technique ⚡

The Overall Strategy for Emotional Marketing

What marketers can learn from the nature? Discover The Magic Behind Building Emotional Relationships.

33 Instant Emotional Marketing Tactics (Checklist)

If you like to start instantly – use those 33 actionable emotional tactics.

This is a bullet point infographic (checklist).

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Summary of over 21 highest-ranked articles
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Massive summary of over 21 highest-ranked articles on Google about emotional marketing.

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