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Please, think about it – you can not pass human behavior anymore – in a time where technology (artificial intelligence) developes fast and faster.

If you want to optimize your content for Google or YouTube  forget about technical keywords  – instead,  understand human behavior first.

Why? Because it is more important to make your target audience curious about your content at first and secondly, to make them keep watching, listening, or reading. (For instance, YouTube measures watch-time.)

It’s not enough to use specific keywords. You know it – Google is incredible clever.

Put shortly, you need to understand human behavior first – before you create your campaigns – or for the start …  just ask me. 👋 😉

I help you to start mastering emotions in marketing

and as bonus, in personal life! Because it’s all about humanity.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone

As a result, you’ll  increase your brand loyalty.  That is the onliest way to get ahead – within our oversaturated market.

There are way to many competitors out there.

You got to create those emotional connections to consequently increase your traffic, conversion, and returning customers (for periodical sales) – even when you increase your pricing.

🏎 ⛳ 🚲 ️ ⛵ 🍜️

 Ya, let’s connect.  

You can ask me any individual question about your campaign or emotions in marketing in general. 

I’m looking forward to connect with you.

Although, we don’t know each other – nevertheless, we can learn from each other.


 Nah, still not sure – if that’s for me. 

If you don’t believe that the understanding of emotions might boost your business and career (even your personal life as well – because we focus on human beings).

Please, read more articles about raising the awareness of emotions in marketing. You might start with my Q&A above.

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