Hi, I’m Ricardo, award-winning

Creative Marketing Director, Interaction Designer (M.A.),

and Founder of EmotionalMarketingLand.com

I worked via several German advertising agencies for Audi, Telekom (T-Mobile), ZDF (German TV), and ECE (international urban marketplaces of the future).
2x International Interaction Award 2018, 2x Best in Class (Categories: RETAIL + ENTERTAINMENT)
2x International Creativity Media & Interactive Design Awards, Bronze, 2018, Categories:  “BEST WORK NEVER PRODUCED”  + “DIGITAL OOH – DISPLAY POP”
Support for several ANNUAL MULTIMEDIA AWARDS 2013-2014, via my work for several German advertising agencies.
Communication Design, 2012

We are going to change the entire marketing world by gathering and summarizing  ALL EMOTIONAL MARKETING TECHNIQUES  to improve the sales world, which should NOT be pitchy anymore. Instead it should make fun for the buyer AND sales manager.

In general, we should be trying to make the world better  and the best part is that at the same time, we will INCREASE OUR SALES (!) by helping people who need our product or service. Sales in the future are truly a win-win situation.

As a rule of thumb, just give your prospects and customers as many possible positive feelings about informing, buying, and using.

Originally I’m a designer –

I’ve been working as a Creative Marketing Director.

14 years ago, I started as a Graphic Designer (Bachelor of Arts) in Germany, and I continued as an Art Director at several advertising agencies.

When I got bored implementing the same advertising techniques over and over again, I studied Interaction Design (Master of Arts).

I explored all the exciting interactive possibilities that the advertising industry can gain by leveraging technological advancements.

I proved that the arousal of emotions are key for effective advertising in the future (because of the oversaturated market).

My first book,

Interaction Design, helps a lot to bond long-lasting connections and transform your customers into raving fans.

If you want to know how and why advertising has been changed read my book: “The added value of interaction design in advertising” (2014, 2016) – unfortunately, only available in German.

Nevertheless you can buy it here: click here

Lately, I have learnt much more about emotions.I am always hungry for new knowledge. I am always curious. I dived much deeper into the comprehensive field of emotions to give you the exact information – well organized – abouthow to emotionalize your brand, product, or service – step-by-step.   Think about it: it is not too late to be one of the first people who know everything about how to arouse emotions in marketing. Just enter your email below.

Only Emotions create Value!

(acc. to Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, German Neuroscientist)

To get ahead from the oversaturated market, you need to arouse emotions. That is the key to effective marketing in the future – good marketers and designer already know it.

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Emotional brands have a significant impact
when the consumers’ experience has an emotional (aka strong and lasting) connection.

It is (kind of) simple, because it is very similar to a feeling of bonding or loving. As a result you need to understand human behavior first –  or just ask me. 👋 😉

Only those emotional connection can increase your brand loyalty –
within our oversaturated market – to consequently increase your conversion rate & your sales – even when you increase your pricing as well.

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If you’d like to ask me any individual question about your campaign or master emotions in marketing generally. 

What would you like to achieve? Any specific desires?
Tell me. I’d like to hear your story! Remember: everybody is interested in stories. (That’s why the movie and book industry is huge.)
Maybe we don’t know each other – nevertheless we can learn from each other.


 Nah, maybe not! 

If you don’t believe
that emotions might boost your business and career.

I recommend to read more articles about raising the awareness of emotions in marketing. You could start with my Q&A above.

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